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Energy Audits • Renovations • Energy Retrofits
Whether it is an addition that you 
are planning, new windows or siding, any time you are considering altering your home, it is a time to consider
the opportunities of upgrading the performance of your house.  EnergyWright Builders knows
how to create a beautiful home that
will also be comfortable, durable and energy efficient. 

Energy Audits

An energy audit tests and inspects a building for thermal efficiency and health and safety issues associated with heating equipment and air quality.  An energy audit can also make you eligible for up to $2,000 in incentives from Efficiency Vermont’s  "Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®" program if you decide to have an energy retrofit.   With an energy audit, your home will undergo a thorough inspection that will produce a report with prioritized recommendations,

cost estimates and projected

fuel savings.

Energy Retrofits

An energy retrofit will increase your home’s comfort and thermal efficiency and at the same time reduce your fuel bills.   A retrofit can be as simple as air sealing the attic and as deep as insulating the whole building and installing a house ventilation and heat system.  All energy retrofits involve approaching a building as an integrated bundle of systems that need to be managed with a whole house approach for effectiveness and durability.